The Heist

The Great Heist Of Dr.X

The monstrous Dr Xavier Raymond, known to both his staff and patients as only Dr X-ray, has been madly obsessed with the invention of his custom X Ray machine.

Fascinated with what's inside the human body, he has been altering an X-ray device into a dangerous instrument which risks catastrophic levels of radiation to be released into the area. After many failed attempts, Dr X-ray has finally discovered the missing piece to complete his work and is ready to test his machine.. It is said that he has encrypted a blueprint of the device inside the machine.

In order to stop this mad scientist you must sneak into the hospital, break into his lab, find the blueprints, shut down the machine and escape with the final component before his test is scheduled to commence... You have one hour. Do you have what it takes to stop Dr. X by stealing the core and keeping the machine from ever working or will the doctors creation unleash deadly levels of radiation onto surrounding area and its inhabitants?

General Admission - $45.00
Private booking is unavailable for this timeslot. You can still book, but there will be other attendees as well.


30712 Michigan Avenue
Westland, MI 48186


Eloise Asylum LLC.


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